A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up on a strange shore...

At least, you think you're awake. 

Submitted work-in-progress for My First Game Jam Summer 2017. Very much unfinished, but I wanted to submit something anyway :^)


  • Three things you can interact with!!!
  • Four art assets!
  • A glitchy dialogue window!!!!
  • Branching dialogue!
  • Original Soundtrack!

You can also go north or east, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I'll probably continue to update this for a bit, so if you're interested feel free to check back later. You might just find something playable a few weeks down the line!

(OCTOBER 2017 NOTE: this is a tech demo-y thing i made to get over my fears of posting stuff on itch.io, it's pretty broken but I will be leaving it up here in case anyone wants to try it. I will not be updating it further, however.)


Dreams2k17.love 5 MB

Install instructions

-Download the file!

-Make sure you have LÖVE2d installed! If you don't have it, you can find it here:  https://love2d.org/

It's very lightweight, safe, small and adorable and you can delete it after you play my game if you don't want to keep it around! I am working on finding a way to distribute in .exe and .app but I sadly have neither the knowledge or hardware to do that right now!

Thanks for taking the time to play (or look at) my game <3

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